about CLASS (English)

Madame, Monsieur.

Merci pour votre message.

Excusez-moi de répondre en anglais.
I and staffs provide classes for sweets making or for box making. (From 2018 to 2019, we offer only a few classes due to personal reasons.)
For each class, I would like to take well enough time, even years, for preparation to provide a suitable class for every one of you.
It would take years to be able to offer non-Japanese classes because all recipes at present are written only in Japanese.  I would like to rewrite English version but it may take years and years as each recipe usually has more than ten pages.
I may start English translation from Facebook or Web pages. They are free, and I will be glad if you feel free to request which pages you would like to read.
Je peux lire français si ce n'est pas trop complexe.
Bien cordialement.  
Junko Shimizu